The Volcano Vaporizer, both the Classic and Digit (I have owned a working Digit since 2009), are widely known as the best vaporizers money can buy. When it comes to balloon inflation functionality it is true that Storz and Bickel have the top spot on lock. No two ways about it. Are there vape pens or whip vaporizers some users might prefer over the Volcano? Sure. But when it comes to inflating vapor balloons (also called bags) Volcano is the clear leader.

If that wasn’t enough already, the makers of the Volcano have once again sent shock waves through the industry with the release of what would most accurately be referred to as a “powerhouse” – the Plenty vaporizer, which I also am proud to own. Far from a misnomer, this handheld herbal vaporizer, while not truly portable (it needs to be plugged in), represents what just might be the most, industrial, heavy duty – yet beautifully efficient and effective whip vaporizer on the market today. It seems S&B decided to finally answer to the cries of those who said “what about a whip?”.

With the release of the Plenty the makers of the Volcano once again marked their territory and solidified their position as innovators on the cutting edge. Apart from that they have just released 2 new portable modes, which many fans were also anticipating as a logical and welcome next step for S&B. The Crafty & the Mighty portables just came out a short time ago and I for one look forward to getting my hands on at least one of these new models in the near future and sharing my experience with you here on my website.

I created this blog to share my knowledge of the Volcano vapes and showcase various deals, coupons, parts and accessories in one place. The focus will remain on the Volcanoes and the ever growing roster of high quality vapes from the boys at Storz and Bickel. I will also be adding reviews, tips and tricks, and other Volcano related content as my schedule allows.